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29 October 2012|

Show & Tell: How I met your father…

1. Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.
A funny but rather rude story… MC and I met on the dance floor of a local nite club (how romantic!). I was dancing with girl friends and a mutual friend pulled me off the dance floor to ask me to have a look at this guys belt and introduce us (his belt? yes, very weird!). But I turned around and looked down to be met with a very large cowboy belt that had a spinning buckle – quite fascinating really. Whilst looking at the belt buckle, I embarrassingly noticed that the crotch of his jeans looked quite big (from tight jeans at a strange angle) but MC joked that he always stuffed his jeans with rugby socks!! And this broke the ice… As corny as it sounds, then upon looking at his face, I was completely mesmerized – before me stood the most gorgeous man I had seen – the bluest eyes and sexiest smile

2. Show us the very first {or one of the first} pictures you guys ever took together. {Feel free to show us more than one}

3. Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.
We have many special memories but the ones that stand out are our relationship milestones – our first date, our first kiss, the proposal, our wedding, our anniversaries, finding out we were pregnant and the birth of our baby girl. We have also travelled on holiday together and each of these trips holds special memories for us – Mozambique, Cape Town, Mauritius, London, Turkey, New York, Florida and Zimbabwe.

4. Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him “the one.”
The list is endless… In my eyes, MC is almost perfect (only because perfection doesn’t exist is he not!) He is gorgeous, cute and sexy. He is loyal, honest and trustworthy. He is kind, generous, caring and loving. He is well-mannered, sensitive, hard working and very talented. He is disciplined, motivated, strong and supportive. He is romantic, affectionate and passionate. He is the love of my life and definitely “the one”.

5. Tell us what your “date nights” typically look like.
Our typical date night is a dinner date. We like to try new restaurants and different dishes but we also like going to our trusty old favourites to enjoy our favourite meals. Every now and then we may also watch a movie at the cinema or spend the night in with takeaways and a good series.

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