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27 September 2012|

Wedding Wednesday: The Cake

*I know it’s Thursday. I am a day late! My apologies*

One of the most traditional aspects of a wedding is the cake. I often wonder why it became a tradition? Was it to be a part of the beautiful decor? Was it to act as dessert for the guests? I also heard that in the USA, the groom even has a cake!! 

In South Africa, we have one cake (for the bride AND groom but usually chosen by the bride and agreed by the groom!) In recent years, the traditional white wedding cake has now be slightly adapted to suit the bride and groom. There are traditional cakes with a touch of color, there are tired cheese cakes (as in layers or tiers of cheese blocks) for those that don’t have a sweet tooth and there are tiers of cupcakes rather than a large cake.

We opted for the latter. We had three tiers of decorated, boutique cupcakes and then a top tier of traditional wedding cake for us to cut (another tradition that I don’t understand – all your guests watching you cut a cake and feed it to each other?) Our cake and cupcakes were baked by the talented, Carrie Chelin from Cupcakez

Our top layer was traditional fruit cake covered in marzipan and decorated with a King Protea flower. Our cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla sponge and decorated with chocolate words (Love, Peace, Hope, Joy – as per our table names) and mini roses.

All images from the talented, Heather Fitchet

What did your cake look like and taste like? Or your ideas for your future wedding?

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