Special friends #1

27 September 2012|

friend – “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”
I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with many friends – from primary school, to high school, to university, to family friends, to work friends, to social friends, and now married and mommy friends. I consider myself and easy, out going and friendly person and I have found and formed many new friendships throughout life. Some have come and gone and some I know will be around forever. 
I absolutely love and adore my friends, and I would do anything for them at any time of day or night. And I know they would do the same for me. On this note, I’ve decided to post about each of my special friends… and first up is:
Mrs Message
1. The Message Wedding in Mauritius – February 2012
2. Night out in London – October 2008
3. Lucy’s Hen’s Party – May 2010
4. James Wedding – February 2011
1. Julia’s Hen’s Party – January 2011
2. Cape Town Holiday – December 2010
3. Random night out – June 2012
4. Girls Weekend Away in the Berg – July 2011
1. Girls Weekend Away in the Berg – July 2011
2. My Hens Party – September 2010
3. My Wedding – October 2010
4. Fotheringham Wedding – March 2012

12 facts about RM:
  • We became friends in first year at University in 2004
  • We became besties in London 2008
  • She is my feistiest friend
  • I can always count her for the truth and 100% honesty
  • She will stand up for me, always
  • She met the man of her dreams on a blind date
  • Our husbands are also besties 
  • She had a beautiful destination wedding in Mauritius
  • She is obsessed with reality TV – Katie & Peter, Kardashians, Bachelor
  • She loves spicy hot and bitter food (curry, pickles, lemons)
  • She has the hottest body I’ve ever seen
  • She designs and sells bikinis

I love and adore you my special RM. 
Thank you for being the special friend that you are.


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