One of those days…

06 September 2012|

Yuk. Gross. Horrible. Terrible. And yuk again.
I don’t how else to describe this day! Why is it so yuk? The list is endless…

  • It is freezing cold.
  • It is pouring with rain.
  • The wind is howling.
  • I overslept.
  • And missed gym.
  • I forgot to eat breakfast.
  • One of my besties has been in labour ALL day.
  • Another one is in surgery.
  • My little SJ is exhausted.
  • And she won’t sleep.
  • My darling husband is miles and miles away.
  • And I miss him.
  • Blogger is playing up.
  • My hair is dirty.
  • I feel fat and huge.
  • And I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight.
  • My garden is flooding.
  • This weather is delaying our building.

Okay, I think it is about time to stop complaining and get my act together (but thanks for listening to the rant and rave anyway!)
How has your day been?

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