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13 September 2012|

To my darling SJ,
I love waking up on the morning of the 13th day of the month. our lucky number 13 brought you into our world and now every 13th day is so special for us. Today is your 5 month birthday (haha, can you tell your mommy loves birthdays?) and we cannot believe how time has flown and how blessed we really are.
Today, I look back over the last 5 months and give thanks to God for the true miracle that you are. I thank Him every day for putting you in our lives. These 5 months have been amazing and so special, happy and joyful but also a few challenging and tough times.
I take a look around our circle of friends and I realize how lucky we really are… People think it is easy to conceive but it really isn’t. And this makes you even more special. We are so grateful for your conception, the 9 months that you grew so healthy and string in my tummy, and the 5 months we have been blessed with your little life.
We went to the clinic today, and you are our little textbook baby! you are growing so nicely (in weight and length) and not too heavy like last month 🙂 You are also developing so well – achieving all goals and crossing all milestones. We are so proud of you our little poppet.
Thank you for the light and smiles you bring into our lives, and those around you.
You are a very loved little princess.


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