Day 09

13 September 2012|

Day 09 – A song that makes you hopeful: Our South African National Anthem – N’Kosi Sikeleli Afrika

I am proudly South African. I truly love and adore our country. And nothing makes me more patriotic than hearing our national anthem – at sports matches, in school halls or more recently, at the 2012 London Olympics. This song gives me hope that all South Africans can work together and stand proud as our rainbow nation. The mix of languages in our anthem is a great representation of the vast amount of difference in our country but a true reflection of how we come together. I have hope that this will always be and the proud children of South Africa will be able to live in a special country with love and joy. (*The anthem was the first sign of my pregnancy hormones, as I sobbed during the singing of this anthem in an international rugby match last year – weeks before I found out I was pregnant!)
What song makes you hopeful?

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