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04 May 2023| ,

We’ve had a few home decor changes in our home recently – the biggest being the big swap and change over of bedrooms for our little people, in preparation for the twins arrival. And the first one to share with you today is the twins nursery.

Our very first boy room and I was stumped. I searched Pinterest and online stores for themes and colours that we liked but nothing jumped out at me. We had recently fallen in love with the trending emerald green colour and after a lot of back and forth, we decided to rather theme the nursery in a colour rather than a specific theme. And the chosen colour: emerald green. We had also really liked the wall panelling ideas we had seen online and decided that instead of wallpaper, we would go with the wall panel as the feature… in emerald green.

Knowing for years that we had wanted a fourth baby, we kept the nursery furniture from ZB so we had her cot, compact and feeding chair in storage (an absolute win when considering we now needed two of most things!) We had a second cot copied, we made the compact in a wider version and sold the old one and we recovered the feeding chair. We added a lamp, plant, some shelf deco items and their wooden names on the wall… and we were done!

So simple but so beautiful.


Interior Designer & Decorator: Kirsty from Lindley & Co

Feeding chair: Comfy Mummy

Cot, compactum, side table and lamp: Lindley & Co

Wooden wall names: Kikki & Franki

Cot knot bumpers: CLM Home

Carry Cot & changing mats: Love Baby

Dock a Tot: Dock a Tot

Photography: Vanilla Photography


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