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03 April 2023|

Whilst we were away recently, I found some time for myself and I started to explore a few of my old ‘hobbies’ – reading, journaling and reading blogs. As an English major, reading and writing are two of my favourite things and in the chaos of the past few years and the busyness of life, I have had to let that side of me go to make room for so much more…

it sounds pretty crazy to say that now, with five children, I am hoping to find the time to get back to these things that bring me joy but there is no time like the presence. And if you don’t make the time or find the time, the time is often too late. It is so easy getting sucked into the rat race of life and there are and will continue to be many nights where I would rather crash into bed and sleep, or get through my crazy to do list in those hidden, quiet moments but then where is the time for me?

So this past week, I asked myself again: What brings me joy? What sparks happiness inside me? What do I want to do, for me? And reading and writing are two of these things.

And more specifically, reading blogs and writing my own. I love to share, I love to express and I love to connect – three ways blogging really made me so happy. And so I am back… Not in a perfect way: not in a ‘post-every-day-with-perfect-images-and-content’ way. But in whatever way fuels me and makes my heart happy. There are also SO MANY posts in my Drafts that I have started and never finished, parties and holidays, tips and tricks and life hacks to catch up on – and hopefully I will be able to do this, slowly but surely.

If you are here reading this – I would love you to answer a few of these questions int he comments:

  1. Do you still read blogs?
  2. Would you still read MY blog?
  3. What are some of your favourite posts of mine?
  4. What other blogs do you read? Please share the links with me.

Happy Monday x


    1. Aw, you are just amazing my Ash! THANK YOU for your continued love, support and loyalty. Sending you so much love x

  1. I occasionally check your blog and would continue to do so.

    In general, I like when people write about their life or their thoughts. I do not like it when the blog is too curated and content is produced for the sake of traffic.

    I read

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