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21 March 2022|

It’s officially my welcome to 2022 post – and it’s March 22nd!

But that’s how life works sometimes, we don’t all get our s*** together at the start of the year, or even in the next month – and to be honest, not even today yet either. BUT today felt like a good day to start, to come back and show my face in my precious online space.

In all honesty… I’ve missed this space. I’ve missed sharing my heart and my words.

But the last few months have been… A LOT. For everyone. And for the first time, I have felt myself withdrawing and just being, rather than pouring myself into my words. It feels quite strange not writing, typing and journalling – that’s always been my therapy but I haven’t had the words recently. And that’s ok too.

The past two years have been the most challenging and the most emotional of my life, we have walked a journey of everything: Covid, lockdown, family, business, finances, marriage, friendship, loss, betrayal, health… But we are still here, still living out each day – the day our Lord has blessed us with. It’s been hard not to question Him in recent months, and wonder if there really is a greater plan but quite literally on my knees, He has shown up with His promise. And in that faith and hope, we keep going.

It hasn’t been all negative – we have woken up each day to new mercies, enjoyed life and made the most of all the blessings we do have, cherished the people that keep showing up, no matter what and celebrated all that can in life. We wake up with grateful hearts for our abundant blessings and the miracles we see each day. And I look forward to being back in this little space and sharing what is on our hearts and His grace on our lives.

And so today, I say welcome to 2022.

I don’t know this year looks like for you but I am speaking life into you and praying over you, today and throughout this year. May you open your eyes each morning with a glimmer of hope and a renewed heart, may you walk into each day knowing how loved and worthy you are, may a peace wash over you as you encounter challenges and hurdles, and may you close your eyes at night with a grateful heart – for all that you receive each day.

In all this positivity, I pray miraculous healing for the sick and in pain, I pray patience and respect for broken marriages and refreshing love, I pray peace over anxious hearts in struggling homes, I pray for self worth over the beautiful children of our nation, I pray abundance over depleting finances, I pray grace and healing over friendships and relationships, I pray wisdom and vision over businesses, and I pray for hope in each new day, and a love for Jesus that He will provide and promise, He will get us through our darkest days.

In Jesus mighty name, Amen x


  1. So glad you back my Cals. Yes 2022 had been a rocky start but all we can do is wake up and appreciate what we have right here and now. And take each day and make the best of it. You too my beautiful friend will achieve all you are meant to accomplish. Thank you for your kind heart and soul.

  2. Ah Cals, I was literally just thinking last night how I miss your Ellie Love posts – still my most favorite blog almost 9 years later. I’m sorry for each and every difficult moment you’ve had to walk through in the last few seasons, but so admire your ability to still draw on the positives. Sending you so, so much love my friend x

    1. Aw my Shan, how I adore you and your consistent and unconditional love and care. You truly are one of a kind, and I am so grateful for you special lady.
      Sending so much love back to you x

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