Birthday Wish List

17 August 2021|

It is BIRTHDAY WEEK – officially the five day countdown to Sunday!

I’ve always loved sharing my birthday, Christmas or any celebration wish lists – what started out as a fun way to showcase my favourite things, and favourite, local brands turned into the wish list guidelines for friends and family… And now for weeks, I’ve had the special people in my life breathing down my neck for ideas – and I’ve been behind this year. I don’t wish or want for anything because we are already so privileged and I have mentioned so often about donating to amazing causes around us, which my loved ones always show up for too – but just like me, they also like to celebrate and gift with special things too.

The only two items on my wish list this year were a warm jacket (although Winter is almost done!) and new luggage (although we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!). Haha, and the beloved diamond earrings still make the cut… But these are a few of my favourite things.

Birthday Wish List

  1. Sir George initial rose gold bracelet
  2. Muse rose gold earrings
  3. Diamond earrings
  4. Kirsten Goss diamond and rose gold ring
  5. Jo Malone Nashi Blossom cologne
  6. K-Way 3/4 black puffer jacket
  7. Flower blooms
  8. La Mer The Lip Volumiser gloss
  9. Vouchers to my favourite: Country Road, Poetry and The Oyster Box
  10. Delsey Chatelet Air luggage set in brown and white
  11. Lancome Idole L’intense perfume
  12. Muse rode gold donut earrings

Have a happy week lovelies x

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