Vow Renewal: The People

02 March 2021| ,

A few years ago, when we first imagined our ten year wedding anniversary vow renewal – we imagined a “small wedding” vibe. We imagined a beautiful dinner celebration with 50-70 guests, a mix between special family and friends. But when the time came around last year, and we were in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we were forced to think otherwise. As much as we would’ve loved to celebrate with so many more of our closest friends, the intimate celebration was truly magical and very unique and special.

We loved that we got to spend the quality time with everyone over the few days, and that the time was intentional. We loved the intimacy of having our absolute dearest there with us as we exchanged very personal and intimate vows. And we loved that when everyone started saying their goodbyes, our friends and family had felt this intimacy and connection too. It was a moment that is very hard to describe and something we will never forget.

These special couples mean the world to us – they are family or friends who feel like family. They have been in our lives over the past few years or decade and have shared in so many of our most intimate moments – dating, proposal, marriage, pregnancies, births, illness, loss, pain, joy, celebrating milestones, stepping in and showing up for our family and guiding us and praying for us through our marriage. We’ve laughed with them, we’ve cried tears with them, we’ve had hard and awkward moments with them and we have had many a night dancing into the wee hours with them. Some of these couples were at our wedding, some just missed it and some are newer friends but with a great impact and influence over us. They are some of the greatest chapters in our book of life, and we are so grateful for the blessing that they are.

These are our people x

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