February Goals

15 February 2021|

February. February is our new January in 2021. We had an extended December holiday break and then even started school online and our year has only seemed to kick off now in February… I also chose to not post January goals, but rather than my 2021 Vision. But I also love to share my monthly goals to keep me accountable.

February Goals

Settle our girls back into in-person schooling

Be more intentional with our girls and their extra activities and homework – really focus on them individually and their needs, strengths and weaknesses

Enjoy a bush getaway for our friends wedding anniversary

Celebrate our special MC’s birthday

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

First Daddy & Daughters camping weekend getaway

Celebrate my besties birthday with surprises

Get back on the tennis court

Read 4 new books

Watch a new Netflix series – Bridgerton

What are your goals this month? I would love for you to share them with me.

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  1. Looks like such a fun month with some really good goals!! I like to make monthly reading goals, too! My other goal has been getting to Burn Boot Camp at least 4 times a week, feels good!!

    1. Amazing!! Good luck with your goals this month Lauren, and thank you for sharing. Please also share your book recommendations too x

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