Elf on the Shelf 2020

15 January 2021| ,

Welcome back, Pinocchio!

Over the years, I’ve noticed these little critters starting to get such a bad rep… And don’t get me wrong, I myself have started cursing ours at midnight when my mind has slipped. But the joy and excitement each morning in our girls eyes watching them run downstairs or tear around the house looking for our beloved Elf on the Shelf, Pinocchio makes it all worth it…

This year I was prepped and ready for our 24 days of cheeky elf antics – and very grateful for  for so many fun ideas.

A few of this years naughty antics:

  • Pinocchio arrived in a little sanitation bubble with his own mask and sanitiser, safe out of quarantine
  • He decorated mini Christmas trees for each girls room
  • He stuck emoji stickers all over our family photos
  • And he snuck under the covers and painted Daddy’s toe nails red!! (our girls best trick yet!)

  • Pinocchio was taking s”selfies” with Santa under the Christmas tree.
  • He brought his own SNAP cards for us to play (Snap cards from The Crazy Store)
  • He made “coco-pops poops” in the potty
  • And he had fun with his very own mini Christmas tree pinata (Pinata from Madhatters Ballito)

  • Cheeky elf got hold of our tomato sauce and sprayed it everywhere (looked like a scary crime scene!)
  • He got stuck inside a giant balloon and we had to pop him out! (Balloon from Madhatters Ballito)
  • He got lost in his very own balloon bubble bath (balloons from Madhatters Ballito)
  • And he reminded us about social distancing.


  • Pinocchio started cutting out snowflake designs in our toilet paper
  • And he arrived with the most amazing Christmas activity books from
  • He brought us a giant Christmas tree print from Squiggle to colour in and we finished the whole thing!
  • He played “Pin the nose” on the reindeer with our red pom poms
  • And he got himself into a stick situation with the wrong tape in the loo.

  • And then we travelled to the Drakensberg and Pinocchio found an elf friend, Elfie. They got up to naughty tricks in our friend, Jesse’s chalet before both coming to our chalet and enjoying some fun with us:
  • They joined a Zoom call with their elf friends
  • They brought fun Christmas activities (crosswords, Bingo and I Spy) from The Arty Party
  • And they went swinging from the ceiling fans before jumping in the car for our ride home and surprising us at home with our special Christmas Eve boxes


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