Vow Renewal: Getting Ready

24 November 2020| ,

Some of the key moments of our special vow renewal getaway were the moments spent with our nearest and dearest… The giggle together, wiping away a tear, the hug with the extra big squeeze and the sparkle in an eye when you your gaze meets. Being a high-relational and high-empathy person, these are the moments that take my breath away, the moments that make my heart burst and the moments I love for. When planning our getaway, these are the moments I wanted through the few days – less time on planning and stressing about execution and what things looked like, less online and just being together, in the moments.

It was a blessing to plan the full day before our ceremony with my soul sisters – some of the women that carry me through life, the women I look up to and turn to, the women that know me better than I know myself and the women that life me up to be the best version of me. I had a planned a morning of us all being together, getting ready together, getting made up together and getting dressed together – real girl moments.

Stacy from CROP has been my hairdresser for over a decade – she saved my hair from its thin, short, breaking peroxided-mess, she has coloured my hair and weekly blow waves for years, she is the only person who has cut all three of my girls hair and I was the first wedding she styled ten years ago – she is also a very special friend and like a little sister to me. Our vow renewal wouldn’t have been the same without her… Stacy and her assistant, Marble who is a whizz with my weekly blow waves – along with one of my favourite make up artists, Camilla and her assistant made the drive to come and be with us for the day. I love that all the ladies were treated to hair and make yp, and could enjoyed being glammed up without any fuss – all whist we sipped on bubbly and laughed the morning away.

But the highlight of the morning was spending it with my girls – even amongst the real life chaos of them tripping over wires, knocking over champagne glasses, jumping on the bed, singing songs on the balcony, moaning in hunger and impatience waiting for “their turn” or ” are we done yet?” – it was magical. Three little faces watching in awe as the women in their lives, their role models became princesses and being a part of it all. And then sitting down themselves to having their hair curled and lipgloss on their little cherub lips, they were in their element. I stood back at one time, taking it all in and imagining that the next time I did this would be at their own wedding – and a tear rolled down my cheek… These moments!


A few of my favourite moments of this morning:

Embracing the moment of knowing each girls individual tea or coffee order (that’s when you know your friends), the friend who ran through the rain to get me an umbrella, the friend who gave me extra squeeze to tell me I am beautiful, laughing with the friend who rubbed self tan in areas I couldn’t reach, my girls jumping on the bed, the friend who shed a tear because she was moved by her reflection after hair and make up, the friend who buckled up my shoes (three times that day!), the friend who took a selfie with my baby girls, laughing with a friend on the bed as we did the admin, the godmothers and other mamas who dressed my babies, my baby girl pulling her pirate moves and posing for the camera, the friend who fed me and kept me hydrated, the friend who looked after my husband when I couldn’t, the friend who wiped away my tear when emotions got the better of me, the friend who couldn’t be there but sent the warmest words of love to my room, the friend who didn’t care less about herself because she said it was all about me and my big girl zipping up my dress… These moments are forever etched in my heart.



Hair: Stacy – CROP Hair Salon

Make up: Camilla – The Durban MakeUp Artist

Photography: Bron – Vanilla Photography

Dress: Sadie Bosworth Atelier

Girls Dresses: Sadie Bosworth Atelier

Shoes: Saint & Summer

Pajamas: Anna Louise Sleepwear



  1. Wow just wow, did I say Wow?!

    It truly looked like a magical day and so special your girls got to experience it all and reading your comment about the next time you do this will be at their weddings…hit home as my 5 year old little girl would give me the same feeling when we do our renewal.

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