August Goals

03 August 2020|


Usually my favourite month of the year for me – birthday month and Women’s month.

But I have to be honest, in the middle of a pandemic, a nationwide lockdown and the heaviest heart with the on-going brokenness of our Nation and our World – the beginning of this month hasn’t arrived with the expectant joy that I am used to. I’m digging deep into my faith and positivity this month…

As much as I live for uplifting women around the world, and standing together to be stronger and better together, it is very difficult to celebrate a ‘month of women’ when our country is failing at protecting our women and children, and struggling to rise up against gender based violence.

And as much as I will always make the most of any birthday celebration, no matter how small and simple – it hurts my heart knowing I can’t be with all my favourite humans on this special day.

I will rise up and make a difference in whatever way I may, and I choose to celebrate the joy that is found in each new day. But it isn’t coming easily right now.

July Goals

Listen and learn from inspiring WOC, and then do better – ALWAYS listening and learning

Explore, follow and share new WOC online profiles, blogs and small businesses – I have found so many beautiful women and have shared their businesses and pages

Support and buy from small businesses owned by WOC – So many wonderful women that we have purchased from, and would love to keep looking out for more

Encourage new conversations around race, oppression and seeing colour with our girls – It’s been amazing to have such mature conversations with our girls, they are never too young to see colour

Diversify our selection of toys, crayon colours, books, TV shows and dolls with our girls – We have bought so many wonderful resources, crayons, books and dolls to add to our collection and play time. I am also reading some great new reads too.

Approach brands that I love and support to discuss their brand diversity, inclusivity and representation – I have had some constructive chats with friends who own their own businesses but also proud to see so many brands listening and learning and making changes themselves

Help our girls’ school with their transformation journey – Proud to be a part of this on going transformation journey, and to already see some positive changes

Keep listening, keep learning, keep doing better – Always, this work is never done.

Survive Lockdown Level 3 – Surviving, not thriving.

Celebrate my SIL’s wedding date from afar – Heart sore but so proud of this amazing couple! And so glad we managed to celebrate them with a picnic treat

Prepare our girls for back to school in Term 3 – They have adapted so well and are so happy to be back. I am also so proud of their schools and their strict protocols and new ways of learning

Make time for one on one, quality time moments with our girls and MC – family is everything – So important and so grateful for this time together

August Goals

Pray for the hope and lives of the women of our Nation

Pray that our government listens to the cries and heartache of our women, and start to make a real difference 

Empower and uplift so many brave and courageous women around me

Pray for my three little women, and the world they are growing up in

Pray about and for some very bold family decisions this month

Get my body moving, I’ve neglected it recently

Celebrate my birthday, lockdown-style

What are your goals this month? I would love for you to share them with me.


*Image by the talented ladies at  Social Squares

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