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11 August 2020| ,

“I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world.” – Malala Fund

Our second Amazing Woman to feature this month is:

Bailey Schneider – Radio Presenter, Emcee, Voice Over Artist, Blogger, Vlogger and Social Media Manager

Bio: I am a Radio presenter, voice over artist, MC and blogger at Vanilla Blonde. I’m also a Mom of two of the most incredible little boys (biased much?) George is 3 years old and Alexandros is 8 months old. My husband, Socrates (Sox) Georgiades was born in Athens, Greece and I was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa with Swiss heritage. I have been living in Cape Town since 2013. I absolutely love being creative through my radio show, my blog and photography. Being in nature revives my soul and I’m a huge tea lover.

Fave colour: I have a few – pink, red, white and that minty, sea blue-green.

Fave food: Roast chicken and veggies (my Moms recipe).

Fave song and movie: It’s very hard to choose a fave song, as a radio presenter, but there are 2 songs I really do love. Katrina and the Waves: Walking on Sunshine always puts me in a great mood and Amaze: Lonestar is the song that my husband and I first slow danced to on one of our first dates, which later became our First Dance song at our wedding.

Fave travel destination: Greece, Switzerland, Croatia, Zanzibar and then travelling locally – especially the Bush.

Two things you have loved about lockdown: Spending quality time with my family and the slower pace of not having to rush from meeting to event.

Two things you have disliked about lockdown: Not being able to see my friends and family. Seeing businesses and schools close down, seeing people struggle financially, emotionally and mentally. It’s been heartbreaking.

Name 3 women who have empowered or influenced you: My best friend, Karolina Rafalski. We have been friends since 2001, when we met at university. She has been a constant in my life and shown me the truest kind of friendship, with unconditional love and support. I feel very blessed to have her in my life. My MD, Lois O’Brien who has believed in me, gave me the opportunity to host my own show after years of being a “side kick”, and Lauren Ellis and Pauleen Nelson, who recently came into my life and helped me tremedously with breastfeeding. It’s been one of the hardest, most emotional experiences and I wanted to give up hundreds of times because it was just too difficult and so painful. These two women helped me and supported me to carry on trying and today I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively for 8 months. It feels like a huge accomplishment.

Two tips on how you juggle your career and family: I have to write things down or I will forget them. I also order things and ensure I tackle the biggest ones first, which feels fantastic when I get to tick them off. Make sure you have support. I wouldn’t be able to have the career I have without the support of my husband, who looks after our boys when I am presenting my 9am-12pm radio show on Smile 90.4FM, going to meetings/events and recording voice overs.

Thank you special Bails for blessing us with your story – Bailey and I met online when I found her blog so many years ago – before she moved to Cape Town, before she got married and before she had her baby boys. She has always been an incredible woman of bold bravery and strength – so successful in her career due to working so hard, following her weight loss journey and achieving her goals, and watching her embrace motherhood with all that she has – and always having time for everyone that comments on her blog and social media platforms. I cannot wait for the day we can meet in real life, for a good cuppa tea.

You can find the beautiful Bailey online:







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