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27 May 2020|

I recently shared the latest room in our Home Tour – our baby girls “big girl room” and I promised to follow on with our other two girls rooms after we did a full revamp when our girls all swapped beds. As mentioned, we have a tradition with passing beds down as “hand me downs” and just as ZB received EN’s big girl bed in her big girl room, EN begged to have SJ’s two single beds in her new room – for all her friends sleepovers one day.

Our talented friend, Kirsty from Lindley & Co Interiors.   helped us with EN’s room too. These rooms are all a reflection of their little personalities and when we sat with EN to chat about her new room, she had very few requests: her big sisters twin beds, a desk for all her “homework”, a pretty reading corner and no bright colours.

Once again, we were able to “revamp” so many items that we already had – Kirsty recovered SJ’s twin head boards and use a different covering technique so they looked brand new. We updated our clock with the ones bought from Best Wall Clock store and resprayed SJ’s desk, chair, side table and lamps, and used her twin beds and bases. To be honest, the only new items in this room were her reading corner curtain, and wall decor.

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I love that this soft and serene room is a perfect safe haven for our little EN – our soft and serene child. She has her very smart desk to work at, her little reading corner that she gets lost in and her dolls house that encourages her wild imagination as she lies on her carpet and plays independently for hours. And her second bed for her bestie sleepovers.

ZB and EN have twin bedrooms that share a joining bathroom – and we decided to “revamp” the bathrooms by adding new wallpaper in these two. I absolutely love this beautiful abstract print from Munks + Me.

See EN’s nursery here.

See EN’s toddler room here.

See SJ’s room where the original furniture items are from here.


Decor and Styling: Lindley & Co

Photography: Vanilla Photography

Wall decals: Munks + Me

Cushions and fluffy rug: H&M Home

Beds: Henwood Bedding

Headboards, desk and shelf decor: Lindley & Co

Doll House: Olly Polly Kids

Wall macrame, rainbow and prints: Mix Takes Pics



  1. I love this beautiful room SO much! Those headboards are exquisite in that fabric, and those decals are what dreams are made of ✨

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