Easter Shoot 2020

20 May 2020| ,

I had grand ideas that I would blog more during lockdown but then… Life. And emotions.

And so my Drafts folder started to fill up, and there were things left unsaid and photos and memories left unshared. But rather late than never, right?!

Today, I bring you the cutest little bunny’s around – my own three human ones and the fluffy, hopping kind too. I have a thing with taking photos and recording memories – I’ve always said that I don’t have many photos and memories from my childhood, just the odd  few i managed to keep together in an old shoebox in my cup broad going up, which I eventually turned into my own scrapbooks: one for primary school and one for high school but there isn’t much from before Grade 1. So I love taking photos or having photos taken, and collecting and recording memories for my girls (and for me too!) to look back on one day. I just hope they treasure them too…

This Easter, Melissa from Melissa Mitchell Photography offered the cutest little Easter mini sessions. And I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of having our girls hop around with the sweetest little bunnies.

Easter Shoot 2020

Photography: Melissa Mitchell Photography

Outfits: Cotton On Kids

*Side note: these mini sessions were all down before lockdown*

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