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23 September 2019| ,

I am sentimental and love memories, but I am also a minimalist and hate to hoard things.

Instead of saving boxes and files of old photographs, birthday cards, and ticket stubs – I have invested in annual milestone/keepsake albums – and I file photographs, memories, milestones and special items for each of our girls, per year.

When I first found out I was pregnant with SJ, I bought a baby album from our local stationery store (and you bet I bought a blue AND a pink one because we didn’t know the gender). And then when we were pregnant the second time, I bought another two albums (two pink and two blue because again we didn’t the gender and I wanted to have the same album for each child). But then, two years ago – one of my friend’s, Danielle launched her range of albums, Pink Glitter.

Each child has five albums: My First Years (baby albums), Grade 000 – R (Pre-primary years), Grade 1-3 (Junior Primary years), Grade 4-7 (Senior Primary years) and Grade 8-12 (High school years). The ranges are designed for a boy set and a girl set and they are filled with the most wonderful page layouts – school photos, favourites from each year (friends, food, places to visit), birthday photos and parties, pages for art and certificates and lots of space to add your own pages or plastic sleeves to store additional items.

Last month, Pink Glitter launched their new app – POP.

Pop is a genius concept – an app to store all of the above information, milestones and keepsakes online, and so easy to fill in your details and information and upload photos and screenshots of all your memorabilia. What a clever way to store all your memories – saves taking up dusty shelf space, printing all your items and having to keep all the originals (although I’m sure many sentimental mums will still do this!).

Download your Pop app here.

Are you sentimental and like to keep these keepsake and milestone albums?



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