Happy Birthday To Me

22 August 2019|

Happy Birthday to me.

Today is the day that I get to celebrate my life and all the blessings in it. Today, on my 34th birthday, I choose to celebrate these blessings:

  1. This beautiful life that I get to live. Waking up each day is a real privilege, tomorrow is not a promise. So make the most of today, every day.
  2. Being reunited with our Father in Heaven and having my faith ignited again. He leads me through life, He has written my story and He has the most glorious plan for me.
  3. My unfailing body and health. After a year of aches and pains, I am reminded through endless tests and scans that even though I may not feel the best on the inside, my body is
  4. The holder of my heart, my one true love of a husband. He is the best man on this Earth, he was made in true divinity and he enriches and blesses my life each day. He puts me first and I never leave his heart or mind, in everything that he does. He loves every inch of my being – flaws and all. I don’t deserve him on most days but so proud to be all his.
  5. My big girl SJ, the one who had me a momma and has been my little twin ever since. From very little, she has taught me so much – she taught me how to be selfless and always put her needs first as a first time mom, she was patient with me when I didn’t know what I was doing, she has highlighted my strengths and weaknesses by revealing hers and she has made me believe in myself as she sees me as her role model and finds beauty in all that I do.
  6. My precious EN and the pure joy that she is alive and healthy after her rough start when she was born. She is pure sunshine this baby girl and she has taught me the biggest lesson in patience and grace, and being still. She has a heart of solid gold and she inspires me to be a better person and better momma, each day.
  7. My little boss baby ZB, the daughter I didn’t know my heart needed. The puzzle piece that completes our family and the miracle baby that has brought abundant joy since the day she was born. She was teaching me life lessons from in the womb, and it’s because of her that I found Jesus again. She reminds me to choose joy and live life to the fullest, and finding the best in even the smallest things in life.
  8. My city and the beautiful place I call home. There is no place like it, anywhere in the world. It is the comfort my soul needs when I travel and the place my heart pines for when I am not home. We live in a city of diversity, community, familiarity, warm weather, incredible education and some of the very best humans I know. It is a place on the map that I will always return to and always call home.
  9. My soul sister, the big sister I never had and literally my twin best friend. Even after years of friendship, I am amazed at how well we bond and connect – how we twin with so many similarities but yet complement each other with our differences. She is the one I could live with, travel with, mother my babies, support my husband, share a toothbrush with and know will always be by my side and n my heart.
  10. My close group of besties, my tribe. I love people and I love making friends and yesterday I was reminded once again about the incredibly powerful and intentional women that i am walking through life with. Every day, I am blessed with love, support, kindness, honesty, fun, laughter, courage, bravery, fellowship and loyalty. The girls have got my back and they truly celebrate my wins. They are irreplaceable and my chosen family.
  11. My Church home and the it has brought to my life and our family and home. Walking into the doors each week is like walking into the safe hug of a big cuddly bear, and being stripped of all worry and hurt. The words spoken over me have changed my life and rejuvenated my soul, the living angels that have become friends and leaders in our lives continue to bless us each day. I strive to be a better person because of these faith-filled, God-serving, life-giving encouragers and we continue to dive in for more.
  12. The luxury of being a stay-at-home-mom is something I dreamed about for years. My dream job as a little girl was always to be a mom and I wished that one day I would be blessed to spend as much time with them as possible, it’s the reason I studied further to become a teacher and possibly get the extra hours and holidays with my babies. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate all the time I get with my babies, the school pick ups and sports matches, the play dates and parties, the homework and the school functions – and to be there every day to collect them and no after care (I had full time working parents and I hated being left behind at school every day, it is something that stuck with me from very little).
  13. This little creative outlet and online diary of mine – my ability to be able to write and share my emotions and experiences, the memories and images I get to capture and record and the amazing community I have “met” and get to engage with from all over the world. I am truly grateful for everyone that reaches out to say hi, who engages in discussion and who encourages and supports me along the way. The online world i really something I find great delight in.

The My list can go on forever, so this birthday I am really thanking Jesus for all these blessings and so much more. In a sea of negativity and a broken and hurting world, we get to wake up each day and choose joy, choose positivity and choose to live life in abundance.

What are some of your biggest blessings?



  1. This is such a beautiful, heartfelt post, Cals – you are such an inspiration to me. Happy belated birthday, my friend. May you be blessed this year, and for all your years on this earth!

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