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17 August 2018|

If we met for coffee…

… I’d tell you that I still don’t drink coffee. So tea it would be for me,

… I’d tell you that it is BIRTHDAY MONTH. Except you would know that already 🙂 But I would also tell you that I love birthdays – I love celebrating the day the most special people in my life were born and showering them with love, gratitude and spoils. But I also feel no shame in celebrating my very own birthday and the life that I love to life. #8moresleeps

… I’d tell you that I survived TWELVE days and nights of solo parenting with three sick girls and being sick myself. It wasn’t easy and at times, it wasn’t fun. But I made it. And now I pray my hubs never leaves again.

… I’d tell you to never take your health for granted. How many times do people tell us this and we still don’t listen? It’s been almost four long months of having chronic chest pain, body aches and pains, fatigue and tiredness and pins and needles and numbness in my hands and feet. After weeks of medication and numerous tests and scans and more tests and bloods, we still don’t have any concrete answers. But I am seeing my doctor for a follow up next week and I pray for answers.

… I’d tell you that I am so excited (and a little nervous) for my trip to the States next month. Ten whole days in New York and North Carolina, all on my own (sans husband, kids and friends). It’s going to be awesome and life changing – I just know it. (All recommendations in these two cities welcome!)

… I’d tell you that getting involved at your child’s school may seem daunting and very overwhelming but it really doesn’t have to be. It can be fun and it can be really awesome to be involved in their little space. I remember when I was little, watching in awe as the moms drove into the school parking lot (shock!) during school time (gasp!) and helped with something. I know that being organized and being social may be my thing, and it is tricky when you are a full time working mom but it really is a great feeling – for you and often your child too. I would say maybe reconsider the next time someone asks you to help in the tuck shop, to sew costumes for the school play or cover library books in plastic or sell tickets or organize a hamper for a fundraising event.

… I’d tell you that I am reading two books that are so close to my heart, empowering my soul and quite literally changing my life, one page at a time. I will be posting full reviews but in the meantime, get your hands on: The Lifegiving Home and Girl, Wash Your Face.

What would you share with me if we met for coffee today?

Happy Friday.


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  1. My Cals, if we met for a cup of tea today, I would tell you that you are the strongest woman and mommy I know. I would tell you that I admire you so much and aspire to have your poise and grace one day.
    I would also tell you that I hope the doctor can find out what is wrong with you. Your health and this condition weighs heavy on my heart. Know that I want you better my friend.

    If we met I would tell you that I am currently studying to be a data analyst. Something I never thought I would ever do as Im not so good with maths. But that I love this career and want to give it my best.

    I would also tell you that I am also currently reading Girl, Wash your face as well as Nice girls don’t get the corner office.

    Your birthday is coming up and I wish that I could be there to give you a big hug my friend. You are amazing and it is a very special day.

    Love you my Cals. Look after yourself my friend and enjoy every moment of your holiday in the States. You deserve it.

    1. Ah Sha, you are next level awesome!
      I am so proud of you for studying again and into analysis – that’s incredible! How amazing is Girl, Wash Your Face – such a great read, I’m also only halfway through! Thank you for always being so kind and supportive, you will never know how much it means to me x

    1. Thank you my Ash – it was a long spell with sick kiddies but we got through it 🙂
      How I wish I could pop in and see you on my trip too x

  2. If we met today I’d be drinking a decaf flat white or an English Breakfast teas
    I’d tell you I’m excited and nervous to be expecting a boy. And why aren’t boy clothes as cute?
    Half way through the cup I’d tell you that I’m over pregnancy woes and I’m worried about you and your health. But I’m praying for answers and treatment.
    As the cups are empty and nearly cleared away, I’d tell you how much I miss the South African game reserves and my family, but how at home I feel in our new country.

    1. Oooh, yummy English Breakfast. Haha, I LOVE boy clothes 🙂 Thank you for your love and concern my friend, it’s not ideal but praying for answers soon… MC has taken SJ and EN to the bush this weekend, it is heaven x

  3. Where in NC are you headed to? I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life so happy to send suggestions your way!

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