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12 June 2018|

One of my favorite local bloggers, Chereen wrote a post last week on It’s The Little Things… and not only did I love every word, but it really made me think about all the little things in my life.

The days are long and the years are short, we are constantly in a state of busy-ness and craziness – and unfortunately a lot of heartache too. In the past month, we have lost a student at our school, two ladies diagnosed with terminal cancer, major gun violence in our city, teenage girls murdered by young boyfriends, friends family members hanging on to their lives and so much tragedy…

Life is short. Too short.

So today, I am reminding everyone to literally stop and smell the roses. Wake up tomorrow morning and list three things you are grateful for. Squeeze your babies a little tighter. Kiss your spouse a little longer. Admire the view in the traffic. Message your bestie a note of encouragement.

Live your best life.

Today, I am finding joy and being grateful for these little things:

Worship songs in my ears and soul.

Five Roses tea.

Caller ID when my husband calls.

Clean, crisp white linen.

Smell of Lily’s through my home.

Sound of belly laughs from my children.

Boarding a plane for a holiday adventure.

Touch of my husbands warm feet in bed at night.

Driving a coastal road on the school run, and views of the ocean.

Reading the last page of a really good book.


Text messages from a bestie.

Fast internet and wifi signal.

A blow-dry.

What are your “little things” today?


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  1. Such a beautiful reminder, its often so easy to get swept up in the rush of every day life. I’m definitely with you on five roses tea today x

  2. Ah Cals this post reminds everyone to be grateful every day. The little things for me today:
    * Cup of coffee in the morning
    * Little arms around my neck before I head off to work
    * Smiles from friends
    * Saying I love you to my friends (I love you Cals)

    Thank you for this post Cals.

    1. Love, love, love – and I adore you my Sha. So grateful for you and your kind words and encouragement x

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