Happy Mother’s Day

14 May 2018|

Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day that we celebrate all the incredible women out there…

Mothers who have birthed their own little babes

Mothers who have watched their babes birth babes

Godmothers who mother little babes spiritually 

Mothers who have adored their own babes

Mothers who care for babes that are not theirs by blood, but rather by a village

Stepmothers who mother someone else babe as their own through marriage

Mothers who grieve and mourn the babes they have so devastatingly lost

Mothers who have carried babes but never held them in their arms

Mothers who count down the months until they conceive their very own babes

Mothers who single parent their babes alone

Mothers who babysit and take care of our babes as their very own

Mothers who love and care for the babes that have married their babes

Mothers who love and care for their babes friends like their very own

Mothers who take on the younger generation in their office or work environments

There are so many beautiful mothers that we get to celebrate.

From as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a Mum.

I spent hours playing with my baby dolls at home alone (only child!) and even more time playing ‘Mommy Mommy’ with my friends at play dates (I was always the Mommy) and I spent many hours dreaming of the day I would become a Mommy and the type of Mommy I wanted to be.

I like to think I was born to be a Mom.

This feeling was intensified by being surrounded by some pretty incredible mamas – my two grandmothers played the most influential roles in my life. Both amazingly loving and gentle women who spent hours taking care of me. I loved and adored these women who helped raise me into the woman I am today (a big bonus being the ONLY grandchild on my moms side and the first grandchild on my dads side). My own mom, two step-mothers, fabulous aunts, a devoted godmother, an inspiring school teacher, friends moms who took me in as their own, and then the bonus of marrying into an amazing family and being blessed with one of the best mother-in-laws.

All these women shaped who I am, the type of mother I learnt I wanted to be (and didn’t want to be) and the endless love, care, inspiration and devotion they each left on my heart.

Now, I get to be a Mom. A mom to three beautiful blessings. My girls.

Not a day goes by that I do not thank our Jesus for choosing me to be their Mom, for blessing me with this life-changing job and trusting me with these three little lives. It is without a doubt, the hardest job I have ever had but one that I am eternally grateful for – each day is better than the last.

This Mother’s Day was an emotional one for me – as much as I loved the time with my precious girls and I squeezed them a little tighter, I was overwhelmed with tears and emotion. I was sad at missing my special Nan and Nana – one in Heaven watching over us and one suffering with dementia and not knowing who I am anymore, sad at my own girls being so independent that they didn’t need extra time with Mom today, sad at not having a sincere maternal bond with some, sad at not having my MIL home with us, sad at hearing the passing of two sweet babes on this day and feeling the heartache and pain for their mamas, sad at the two little babes that we lost to miscarriage, and genuinely sad about being sad on this special day. Sometimes we have these days. and that is totally okay. Today is a new day.

How did you celebrate your Mother’s Day?

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  1. I think anyone who has felt heartache around “mothering” in some way will always find mother’s day bittersweet. From strained relationships to loss, it can be a tough day for sure. Sending you love and hope you’re feeling a little more cheery today x

    1. Thanks my friend – so often a bittersweet day for so many. Glad I could find some of the joy.
      Hope you had a very special first Mother’s Day x

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