November Goals

08 November 2017|

October Goals

Celebrate our Seventh Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated in one of our favorite places – Phinda Game Reserve.

Start a Ladies Bible Study. I am loving these intentional mornings with some incredible women working through this great book.

Spend a weekend in Joburg. What a fun weekend and so good for the soul – even though Abby’s little party was postponed because she had chicken pox!

Read two books. I did – you can read the my first book review and the other is coming soon.

Watch a movie at the cinema. Failed. Will have to try again this month. (We watched another kids animation though!)

Be creative in business. So much fun this month getting involved the sweetest little parties and events.


November Goals

Get back on the wagon. After being so disciplined for months, I have lost this willpower recently. So officially back on the healthy eating and fitness wagon. Someone hold me accountable?

Less screen time. One of mt key baby steps from our ladies bible study is to be more present and spend less time wasting time on my phone and being intentional with my time.

Start Pilates. One of my new gorgeous friends runs her own studio in Ballito so I have signed and will get started again.

Grade R Orientation. How can my big girl be going to “big school” already? A morning of orientation and buying stationery and uniforms awaits this month.

Watch that movie. Will try again – third time lucky!

Plant a garden. Taking a leaf out of the Cultivate What Matters book and I am going to attempt my first gardening experience.

Order Powersheets and plan goal-setting trip away. 2018 s going to a very intentional year for our family and we cannot wait!

Book a family photo shoot. Our annual Christmas shoot is a must – and to include our special ZB too.

What are your goals for November? I would love to hear them in the comments or share your link.


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