SJ 5th Birthday – Food

20 June 2017|

The food at a party is one of my best items to plan. I love having fun with the theme and organizing treats that fit the theme or color scheme. I could spend hours on Pinterest finding clever ideas for fun, party food.

The art theme allowed us to have LOTS of fun with the food. We ordered a multicolored paint dribble cake with rainbow layers inside, little art palette biscuits, colorful cupcakes to make our own paint palette and rice krispies dipped in ‘paint’.

I did something different with the food for the kids table this year – firstly because we had no space on the table for food, after all the art accessories and secondly because I find that older kids don’t seem to eat as much. So instead of covering the table in sweets and snacks, I packed each child party box with their own food items (juice, chips, muffin and sweets) for them to enjoy as they painted. It was a great hit!

And as per all our parties and functions, we ordered the tastiest snacks from Suburban Cafe for the adults table.

Cake, cupcakes, biscuits and rice krispie treats – Carrie from Carrie’s Cake Boutique

Pizzas, burgers, quiche, chicken pies, scones, custard slices and brownies – Kim from Suburban Cafe



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