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18 May 2017|

Who loves their pregnant body?

Who loves their postpartum body?

I will be VERY honest… Not me!

It is no secret around here that pregnancy is not my favorite time. I get very sick, my body does it’s own thing and I lose all control and even though I don’t eat much and don’t always gain a lit of weight, my body changes in so many ways that I generally don’t like. And then post-birth, everything goes south – tummy flab, water retention, any form of previous muscle and the milk feeders too. Oh, what a woman’s body has to endure?!

But then you get two clever ladies who come along and work on an exercise programme for both pregnant and postpartum bodies to keep you fit and toned during pregnancy and with a newborn.

“Both Robs and Kit have always been passionate about health and fitness, and both managed to stay active and healthy during their first pregnancies. They saw the benefits of staying fit during pregnancy and the huge impact it had on their self esteems as well as getting their bodies back into shape postpartum. 

One of the biggest things that they both noticed, both during and after pregnancy, was how many friends and even random people at gym/work asked them for advice on what exercises one can and can’t do during pregnancy and in the first few months postpartum. Based on this, they were inspired to create something for the every day mom who hopes to keep her body in shape during pregnancy and get active again postpartum all while maintaining or developing self love.”

Having had our little ZB almost ten weeks ago, Kit & Robs were so kind to send me their Postpartum Programme to get me going – and I cannot wait to start. The exercises can all be done at home int he comfort of your own home and whilst baby is sleeping, and some days include a 30 minute walk which can be done around your estate, through a park or along the promenade with your baby in the pram. The exercises are all clearly illustrated with images and directions, and include squats, plank, and the clam (see exercise below):

No more excuses, get your copy now!

You can find more information and buy your guides below:







*This is a sponsored feature post. All opinions and views are my own*

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