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26 May 2017|

YAY for Friday!

Five on Friday – Inspirational Women in my Life

Growing up with working parents and no siblings, I became independent and mature from a very young age. I had a wild imagination and would often dream about the days I would be a loving and supportive wife and home keeper, a caring and doting Mom, an inspiring teacher, a creative business owner and so much more… I would play in my room for hours, making up Mommy Mommy and Teacher Teacher games. My imagination was often fueled and inspired by some pretty incredible women in my life. Women that never knew they had such a great impact on me and the woman I wanted to be.

These women included teachers, friends mothers and more recently bloggers and authors. As a young girl, I loved and adored my Grade 7 teacher and I looked up to her in so many ways. She was an incredible teacher and life mentor and having her influence my pubescent years was a gift I am forever grateful for. In high school, I looked up to my friends moms who were SAHM’s and I envied that they were able to do the school run, bake from scratch and ensure Sundays were for church and family lunches – things I always dreamt of for my own family. And now as a wife, mom and small creative business owner – I am inspired by some truly incredible women that are spiritual followers of Jesus, loving wives, present moms and highly successful business owners.


One || Emily Ley. Grace, not Perfection. The wonder woman who has taught me to slow down, to be still and still be able to get things done. Emily is the creative mind behind my Simplified Planner – the planner that keeps me organized and sane. I am inspired by the way she makes difficult but wise business decisions to ensure her health and wellbeing and her family come first. I am inspired by the way she embraces a messy house, toddlers running around her and busy schedules as this is all part of being a Mom. Emily’s book sits on my bedside table as a life reference on any given day.


Two || Lara Casey. Lara is the reason I want to start gardening – and cultivating blooms in life. Lara is the super woman behind the Powersheets – the best way to set daily, monthly and yearly goals. Lara has the most incredible faith and her spiritual journey has inspired by relationship with Jesus. Her family/work balance is something out of this world and she makes the most of every hour each day. Lara’s book Make It Happen inspired me to live with purpose, to stop chasing perfection and to live for Jesus. And I cannot wait to share her intentions and plans for her latest book, Cultivate What Matters – a Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional life.


Three || Ashlee Proffitt. This beautiful mama is creative to the core – her brand consults are dreamy and inspiring and there isn’t a brand look of hers that I haven’t loved. Her journey through loss of a beautiful baby boy is both heart wrenching but also heart warming to so many grieving mamas in the world, and the legacy of precious Aaden Sage lives on. Ashlee has no idea how her weekly Insta stories of her devotionals and Scripture readings impact my heart and relationship with Jesus. She is married to a pastor who is inspiring parents around the world to teach their children to know and love Jesus with the incredible KidTheology.


Four || Shay Cochrane. Shay and Ashlee are besties – could that be more amazing?! This gorgeous mama loves life and lives for her darling daughters – her relationship with her girls inspires me to my very core and the mama I want to be to our three girls. She styles and shoots the most creative images and I love using her stock images to promote my blog and brand. Shay inspires me every day – to be a more intentional believer, to be a more present mama and to be a more supportive wife. And I just love her hair!!


Five || Louise Parker. The Louise Parker Method is transforming lives and bodies around the world. Promoting a healthy lifestyle over fad diets and producing the most incredible results. Louise is a gorgeous mama of three precious girls who somehow manages to run her UK empire, be a present and loving mom, beautiful wife to Mr P and take care of her own health and well being. Louise inspires me with her delicious recipes and realistic exercise programs, the way she respects and cares for her staff and the role model she is to her three girls.

Five inspirational women. Five role models and mentors. Five women that are changing my life in so many ways. Every day. I am beyond grateful for these incredible ladies, and my dream and bucket list is to meet them all one day.

Who is your role model? Who inspires you each day?

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