Three Weeks

03 Apr 2017|

I’ve been a bit quiet these past three weeks – and we can so gently blame this perfect little human… I have spent the past twenty-something days all wrapped up in bonding, cuddling, feeding, sleeping and soaking up her newborn smell – and I just cannot get enough! Why does it go so fast?

I promise to be back to regular blogging soon – trying to sneak in some me-time amongst the newborn life, our two older girls on school holidays, family visiting and Easter approaching. Busy times!



  1. She is absolutely perfect! And I 10000% agree with your sentiment of it going so fast! Time needs to slow the heck down so this newborn bliss can last longer! Enjoy this special time! Xx

    1. Thank you Lu – can’t believe how both our babes are growing… Enjoy every moment too x

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