April Goals

05 April 2017|

Grace, not Perfection. 

The only reminder that I need when realizing that I am currently ticking off my February goals, didn’t make any March goals and now setting April goals.

February Goals

Keep baking Baby Girl. Proud to say that my days of bed rest and taking it easy worked well and managed to keep our sweet princess growing until she was healthy and well at 36 weeks.

Establish a good morning routine. Fail. New goal is getting enough sleep. Giving myself some grace on this one. Morning routines will come…

Celebrate the month of Love. MC and I were very lucky to be able to celebrate his February birthday and a special Valentine’s Day dinner together, and a fun Valentine’s Day picnic with our girls at school.

Complete Powersheets goals. I managed to complete a few more pages but not all complete. Another goal for April and probably on going for the year.

Prepare for Baby Girl. Due to two previous emergency births, we were ready this time. Bags were packed, nursery was ready and my hubs was in town.

Plan birthday parties. Not complete but I managed to send invites out for SJ’s party and plan both parties activities and orders.

April Goals

Survive the first 6 weeks of a newborn. Any new mama knows that the first six weeks are always the hardest – the adjusting, the body changes, the busy days and long, sleepless nights. You seem to turn a corner at six weeks and then again at twelve. It’s all survival mode until then.

Establish a good morning routine. We are going to try this again. After the craziness of six weeks and hopefully a little more sleep and a better routine, I am hoping to get into a good morning routine of eating breakfast, some quiet prayer time and exercise to start my day.

Complete Powersheets goals. I cannot wait to get stuck into my Powersheets again – even if it is just month by month. April is the new January right?!

Start exercising. It has been ten long months of no exercising – no gym, no cardio, no yoga or pilates. Nothing. I skipped July because we were on holiday and then I was sick from August to March and now have had to wait for my 6 week check up after ZB’s birth. It’s going to be extremely painful and a shock to my poor system but I cannot wait to get going again…

Celebrate SJ’s birthday. Quite crazy to think that our first born turns five this month. There is great excitement in our house – and I cannot wait for birthday dinners, birthday mornings and her party. And the great reveal of her birthday present surprise!

Celebrate Easter. We all love a holiday and a wonderful reason to celebrate. We also have our UK cousins here with us for Easter. Looking forward to a delicious family lunch and a fun Easter egg hunt.

Enjoy the school holidays. School holidays can be daunting and a little overwhelming – the chaos of two, energetic girls bouncing around the house. And a little tricky with a newborn too. But MC is on leave and we are planning to enjoy some fun moments as a family of five.

What are your April goals?


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  1. I’ve had my first baby three months ago and when I read “April goals”, I thought: “What am I doing wrong?” I’m glad you’ve mentioned survival mode, because YES EXACTLY! And looking back, yes, there has been a change at weeks six snd twelve.

    1. It is the BIGGEST goal on this list – to get through the month and survive! Congratulations x

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