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03 March 2017| ,

You know those days that are absolutely hell – chaos and drama, tears and tantrums, running around and sweating, screaming and shouting, discipline and deaf ears but then all worth the memories?? Our third (and final) maternity shoot was JUST THAT!

At the end of our two hours, MC and I swore we would never organize another family shoot again. Never ever. And then we got the images and of course, we cannot wait for the next one…

If only we had a secret spy cam on the behind the scenes for this shoot. I had been on bed rest all morning, trying to stay calm and rested and now sweating in the aircon, MC raced home from a meeting not impressed at having to miss a half day of work, SJ came home from her gymnastics lesson dripping in sweat and completely hyped and EN woke from a short nap, in the grumpiest mood. So we started on the back foot.

Lucky for us, Heather has been shooting our family since our engagement photos in 2009 and she fits right in. She makes us feel comfortable, she knows when and how to calm us all down and she counts out our deep breaths. She is amazing – and incredibly talented (only she could get a cute shot of EN who blatantly refused to do anything or co-operate all afternoon!)

Enough with the moaning… Let the images do the talking (and please help me choose a framer!)

Thank you special Heather Fitchet for the amazing photographs.

EN Maternity Shoot



  1. Such a beautiful shoot Cals and MC. Everything that went on behind the scenes was definitely worth it. I can’t wait to see you next family shoot with your added princess joining the family. For the framer, definitely the one with you all dressed in white. With SJ in the ballet pose. Such a beautiful picture. And of course the black and white one of you and MC! ❤

    1. Thank you sweet Sha – always amazes me how the behind the scenes can make us all hate shoot day!! But then the photos make it all worth it… Imagine the chaos with a newborn thrown in! I also love the all white pic – EN’s cheeky grin and SJ’s perfect pose x

    1. Thank you lovely Kelly – I’m definitely no expert at choosing shoot outfits but glad they all worked out x

  2. Omiword, Cals – these photos are absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE them all – can’t pick just one for framing! You need to frame them ALLLLLLL! 😀 Can’t wait for your next photo shoot with baby Zoe – what an amazing next chapter, my friend. I get goosebumps… a gorgeous family of FIVE! xxx

    1. Aw thank you my precious friend – we are very happy with the pics and we cannot wait to frame some! x

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