2016 in Review

12 January 2017|

2016 was a busy year for us and it came with its challenges but also with its joy and blessings… As we look back over the past 12 months, we have so much to be thankful for, so many lessons learnt, so many challenges overcome and so much growth and faith achieved.

EN started play school

I launched my business

Three best friends had babies

Two best friends got pregnant

I went on a girls weekend to Mozambique

We enjoyed an island holiday in Mauritius

MC and I went on a weekend getaway to the Bush

We lost a baby through miscarriage

SJ and I went on our first mommy/daughter trip

We traveled to London to see family

We got pregnant

I suffered great illness for 5 months

The blog had a makeover

MC and I spent quality time together in London and Cape Town

We celebrated special milestones, birthdays and holidays as a family of four

How was your past year? 2017 we are ready for you!





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