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10 August 2016| , ,

At the end of June, SJ and I went on our very first mum and daughter getaway – and I am already dying to go on the next one. It had me dreaming of the days that we can go on shopping trips, spa getaways and so much more… Not being an only child, these one-on-one dates are so incredibly important and the quality time is so special. It allows to laugh and be silly, chat and catch up and enjoy the spoils of just us girls!
Our trip this year was to Joburg to watch Disney on Ice. The show was only in Joburg or Cape Town so it was the perfect excuse to check into a hotel, hire a car, over indulge at the Disney show and catch up with special family and friends. 
SJ LOVED every second of our trip – from the individual time with her momma, the exciting short flight, sharing a big hotel bed, fun at the Disney show and the zoo, shopping up a storm and being the constant centre of attention – she can’t wait to go back! (if only she knew that Joburg itself isn’t that amazing)
*Apologies for the blurry iPhone photos*


  1. You guys are the cutest duo! Love this and so look forward to doing it with P one day! (Heck maybe we do a mother/daughter date to South Africa!!)

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