Confessional Thursdays

14 July 2016|

Everybody loves getting a few confessions off their chest – especially on a Thursday!

Confessional Thursdays

I am not ready to fly home after our London holiday this evening – it’s been a fabulous few days of holidays, some sunshine, lots of delicious food, shopping and quality time with our little family of four…

But also, I am ready to get home to my own bed, my own bath, my own car, familiar surroundings, healthy eating, exercise and routine and structure again.

I never used to like London but London in the Summer when on holiday is actually amazing.

EN and I have both got sick in London. Again. This constant change in weather is not good for us.

I am devastated that Federer didn’t make the Wimbledon finals, and I am NOT a Murray fan.

Pimms & Lemonade is definitely my favourite alcoholic drink.

Summer Sales. Enough said. Oops!

I hate public transport. Call me a snob but there is nothing worse or more gross or hot and sweaty or claustrophobic than the London Underground. We didn’t venture out too far but Uber and a cab or just plain walking are definitely more for me!

Staying in a serviced apartment was the best way for our family – hotel services but in an apartment big enough for us all, spacious for our bags and stuff and a kitchen to prepare meals and bottles for the girls.

Lack of sleep at night is definitely easier when on holiday. It’s been 

I am eternally grateful for MC’s hard work and traveling that builds up our portfolio of air miles and allows us to upgrade our flight seats. Hopefully some rest for us all…

There are big changes for me when we get home – life has become very busy, chaotic and dramatic and far too overwhelming. Changes have to be made – they aren’t going to be easy but they will be for the best.

Do you have any confessions this week?
Have a happy weekend


  1. I am so glad y'all are having such a great time in London. I definitely have that on my to-go list one of these days. I know that feeling of the chaos. I hope you can find that balance of being an awesome designer and a momma to those sweet girls while giving MC all your loving too! Love you friend.

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