Confessional Thursday

25 February 2016|

A few weeks ago, I read an exciting post about Jessica and her new Confessions link up. I promised i would get involved and then didn’t… So my first confession is:
I am a two weeks late – this was supposed to be posted the first Thursday. Rather late than never!

Bieber’s “You should love yourself” is a new fave, and totally doesn’t sound like Bieber!

This working mom juggling act is pretty cray cray.

I am launching my new LuluPop business website and blog soon, and now deciding over having a work AND personal blog or merging them into one?

MC is training for The Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race, which is next month and I haven’t hated being a cycling widow – I was warned about this being one of the worst “affairs” ever. A month to go and I have survived…

I am Lilly Pulitzer OBSESSED!! Why don’t we have a store in South Africa? Why can’t I spend my hard earned international currency shopping online? And why do I want one of everything?

I wish we could watch The Bachelor now too. SA is backwards.

We are going to Mauritius in 4 weeks and this body is definitely not bikini-ready. I was in such a good exercise and healthy eating routine and then fell off the wagon!

I haven’t give anything up for Lent. Not because I don’t want to but I just haven’t decided. Any ideas for next year?

It took SIX months to get a car again, and I love it. Definitely worth the wait!

Seeing my bestie’s new baby boy yesterday made me VERY broody. A little excited at adding to our family of four, one day…
Do you have any confessions this week?
Join in the fun and link up!


  1. im glad you got your car! 🙂 i have been watching the bachelor! im sorry you haven;t been able to yet, but im sure you will catch up when you are able – just sucks because most likely you will get the spoil of who won =/ hate when that happens!


    I was wondering if you would visit my Go Fund Me page 🙂 Every Dollar Helps! Even if you do not donate, I appreciate your time to hear my story! Thank You!

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