Christmas Wish List: For Her

08 December 2015|

I have to laugh posting this amazing Christmas wish list this year – do I do this as a fun blog post or do I really do it to give my husband and family hints on presents to buy for me for Christmas? Haha, we all know the truth behind these lists.
This year, we have decided to adopt the four present approach:
Something you WANT
Something you NEED
Something you WEAR
Something you READ
This is a great way to spoil your loved ones with meaningful gifts that they both want and need without going all out and spending too much money. We are doing this for the kids as well as a couple too.
Christmas Wish List: For Her 

I have always been a Benefit make up fan and now it is only sold in Joburg and Cape Town or the UK
Diamond earrings are always on my list
This beautiful rose gold bracelet from Mimco
Issey Miyake floral perfume
Who doesn’t need the gorgeous Le Creuset pots?
Time for an upgrade on the camera from Orms
The creative in me is desperate for the Silhouette
Anything and everything from Lalesso and Fenn & Ivy is amazing

The new Brookdale recipe book is on shelves
I have heard some great reviews about The Royal We book 
I cannot wait for my Power Sheets to arrive and read with this inspiring book Make It Happen
What is on your wish list this year?


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