Holiday Blog Hop: Sweet Treats

24 Nov 2015|

Holiday Blog Hop: Holiday Sweet Treats
I missed the first week of the Holiday Blog Hop with Laura and friends.
This week, SJ and I decided to join in by baking/making some fun snowman sweet treats. No actual baking was required but that is the best way to “bake” when you have an impatient and hungry little toddler in the kitchen. We had so much fun mixing and chopping, sticking and icing – and a whole lot of sneaky eating too!

Have you made any fun Christmas treats yet?


  1. Ah, these are so cute! Think I'm going to try this with Noah, too… he is obsessed with Junior Bake Off at the moment, so this is right up his alley! x

  2. These are really cute! How fun! Haven't made any Christmas treats yet but I did get most of my decorations up yesterday! I can't believe the holidays are already here!

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