Do you speak American?

02 November 2015|

Our recent trip to Houston taught me so much about the American English language… I learnt that even as two well established, English speaking, similar culture countries, we have many differences. The main difference being our choice of words for different things and descriptions:

They say traffic light, we say robot
They say hood, we say bonnet
They say gas station, we say petrol station
They say trunk, we say boot
They say soda, we say cool drink
They say bandaid, we say plaster
They say insurance, we say medical aid
They say nursing, we say breast feeding
They say pumping, we say expressing
They say stroller, we say pram
They say pacifier, we say dummy
They say crib, we say cot
They say BBQ, we say braai
They say napkin, we say serviette
They say vacation, we say holiday
They say cotton candy, we say candy floss
They say store, we say shop
They say obstetrician, we say gynaecologist
They say ultrasound, we say scan
They say gas, we say petrol
I hope you giggled as much as I did


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