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25 September 2015|

After being in our home for almost two years already, we have updated a few things and made some small changes. These are a few of my favourite spots in our home… Linking up with Christina and Karli.

Favourite Spots in our Home

1. Guest bathroom. This tiny little space that is used by almost all visitors (which makes it rather important!) has been left bare since we moved in. A small guest loo with white walls and no accessories. Loving our new bold wallpaper.

2. Master Bedroom. Our master bedroom is white and gold but our builders built a terribly bulky and ugly looking box shelf and mantle over our fireplace. We have removed this and replaced it with a simple shelf with accessories and new wallpaper.

3. Playroom. The playroom has been a work in progress over the years as it has changed its purpose from one little girl to a toddler/baby space and now for two toddler princesses. We updated the colours, storage and wall stickers. Love the new colour palette.

4. Outside Living Area. Living in a warm climate, we use this space often but we felt that it wasn’t as comfy or inviting as it could be so we added a new couch, recovered the old couch, added a new table and some fun accessories – already we use the space so much more. 

5. Kitchen Accessories. Our kitchen has always been functional but never been very pretty so we added a touch of rose gold and elegance.

Thank you Kirst from Kirsty Lindley Interiors for helping us add the finishing touches to our home. For now…

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