01 September 2015|

In the past few years that I have been blogging, I have been blown away at the love and support there is between almost strangers in the blogging community. Bloggers come together to celebrate happy times and events but they come together even more when there are tough times or tragedy.
SJ has made a very special friend in her class at school, Layla and she has also become very close to Layla’s older sister Amy. Amy was born with CHD: Congenital Heart Disease and is currently on the heart transplant list. This past week, Amy has taken a bad turn and she is now in ICU in the heart hospital in Cape Town.
Amy and Layla have been blessed with the strongest and bravest parents in Mike and Tash – they are the most caring and loving parents who dote on all those that they know. They have been an incredible support to us in the past few days – even with so much going on in their own lives.
Amy is blood group B+ which makes it more difficult for her to get a heart soon. She celebrates her 5th birthday next week Tuesday and what better gift to receive than that of a new heart.
Let’s get together and help this precious little angel and her special family. Share and spread the word – visit the Organ Donor Foundation and register to be an organ donor. It can and will save lives.
Let’s find #ANewHeartForAmy


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