August Goals

06 August 2015|

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August is my favourite month of the year!
It’s BIRTHDAY month!
And lots going on this month!
August Goals
  • Smother that gorgeous husband of mine EVERY day!
  • Enjoy having my hubs home
  • Shower our sweet baby girls with kisses
  • Keep gyming
  • Keep running
  • Keep eating healthy
  • Keep drinking water
  • Try and commit to a daily devotional and making time each day
  • Complete all Indesign homework
  • Complete indesign assignment
  • Hand in final DTP course portfolio and finish course
  • Attend two weddings
  • Attend two bachelorette parties
  • Enjoy endless kids parties
  • Attend two 30th birthdays
  • Celebrate my 30th birthday
  • Host my 30th birthday party
  • Attend a baby shower
  • Read a book
  • Enjoy a spa pamper
  • Enjoy two date nights
  • Hopefully finalise EN’s immunity deficiency
  • Complete decorating touches to our house

What are your goals this month?
Have a fabulous August


  1. YAY For your 30th sweet friend. I know this month is going to be an amazing one for you!!! I need you to keep me motivated to work out. I had a trainer for the past 3 months and my last session with her is in 2 weeks. It's so helpful when you know you HAVE to go. Miss you!!!

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