EN – 12 Months

14 July 2015| ,

Month 12: 

Weight: 10kgs

Height: 75cm

Clothing size: 12-18 months

Diaper size: Still a size 4

Feeding: EN has started eating more solid meals but still enjoys her baby food too. Her routine is still much the same: 6am – cereal, fruit and yoghurt, 9am – bottle and fruit, 12pm – lunch with protein, veg and starch, 3pm – bottle and snack, 6pm – dinner with protein, veg and starch with fruit and 7pm – bottle.

Sleep: Morning nap: 9.30-11.30am, afternoon nap: 3-4.30pm and a good nights sleep from 7pm – 6am. Still loves her sleep!

Milestones: She is standing so well on her own and is almost walking (but we have been saying that for months!) She picks up objects with her thumb and forefinger and has a vocabulary of a few words (dada, mama, nana, hi, bye, ta and she has started making animal sounds).

Loves: Being cuddled,, music and her big sister. Little EN is such an affectionate child who loves to snuggle into people and loves giving hugs and kisses. She also loves music and will start moving and swaying as soon as she hears a beat! 

Dislikes: She hates the doctor (the GP and the Paed) after her ordeal this year! She obviously still hates needles but takes medication like a champ.

Adventures: We have started venturing out again to start testing her immune system. She has been to play with friends, a few Moms & Miracles classes, away for the Krause wedding and to Gowrie with family friends.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Our little family – this past year has not been easy for any of us. A tough start to life for little EN with endless doctors visits, needles being poked and medication. It has been difficult for us to juggle life of four with just each other. MC has been traveling a lot on business, I’ve started a course and little SJ started a new school. Times haven’t been easy or plain sailing but the four of us have stuck together and tackled the crazy times together.

What a magical first year it has been!

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*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography

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