A Day at the Races

07 July 2015| ,

The first weekend in July brings the crowds, the glitz and glam and plenty gambling money to our Durban shores for the annual Vodacom Durban July horse race.
I have only ever been to the races twice – first when I was still at school so it was a quiet one and the other at university which was a crazy day of fun with a group of single girls! But as the years have gone by, the races have got messier – too many crazy drunk people, pick pockets stealing wallets and cellphones, a long day in high heels, hot during the day but freezing at night and VERY expensive.

This year we decided to host a July Day at the Races at home and it was a great success. Everyone dressed to the theme: The Captain’s Table, we split the meals of starters, mains and dessert between all the ladies and we had our own betting set up for each race.
What a fun day and now an annual event at our house!


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