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20 May 2015|

As mentioned many times before, I am a Type A personality with slight OCD. Organisation is one of my hobbies.
So it comes as no surprise that my children follow quite a strict routine – which they thrive on and hardly ever step out of (on their own accord). 
Now that SJ is three, she has left the terrible tantrum two’s behind and is somewhere in the midst of toddler and teenager. Literally since her birthday, she is more mature, has great manners and understands the rule of consequences. Needless to say, her behaviour has been mostly impeccable. Like her mom, SJ is also a people pleaser and thrives on words of affirmation. And therefore a Routine & Reward chart was a no brainer…
I asked the lovely ladies at Glee Projects to help me with a design and they had a brilliant idea – a free printable for all my lovely readers.

These two talented ladies have helped plan and design all my parties and functions. No task is too big or too small and their ideas and creativity are mind-blowing. I have loved working with them both and no party is complete without them.

Go along and visit, like, follow and share (and don’t miss their fabulous new Bash Box party kits and themes!)



Our little SJ is obsessed with her daily charts – she cannot wait to get her chores and routine done to receive her stars each day! And her Sunday treat creates huge excitement!

What do you think about routine and reward charts?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this!! Mia definitely has OCD tendencies (she gets them from her daddy though) and she thrives on a schedule! These charts are genius!

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