April Goals: TICK

04 May 2015|

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We say this every month but how is it possible that it’s a new month already?
Where did May creep up on us?

  • Smother my gorgeous MC in kisses every day I haven’t been a very good wife this month – there have been kisses but not smothered in them! Sorry my love!
  • Treat my daughters like princesses
  • Maintain my healthy eating and exercise Our holiday and being sick put a dampener on this…
  • Make progress on my goal weight
  • Keep running As best I could considering…
  • Keep drinking more water
  • Take my vitamins I am a shocker!
  • Celebrate Easter
  • Organise an Easter charity drive for Gozololo
  • Host an Easter egg hunt
  • Eat Easter eggs – cheat meal
  • Enjoy a Mauritius holiday
  • Celebrate SJ’s 3rd birthday
  • Host SJ’s 3rd birthday party
  • Start a new blog series – watch this space
  • Organise playroom storage
  • Read a good book
  • Enjoy a couples massage No time for this unfortunately!
  • Enjoy two family walks I’ve had a few with the girls but MC had to travel for work
  • Go on a movie date with MC Fail again!
  • Send two snail mail packages – comment if you would like to be one of the recipients
Not a bad month considering we were away on holiday, I was sick and MC was away on business.
Another month to keep trying!

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