What’s in my make up bag?

28 April 2015|

Those that know me well will know that while I like to dress up and put my game face on, I am not a huge make up person. I have one small make up bag that lives in my bathroom and a few essential items inside this bag that transform my wake up face to daily face to night time face in a few short minutes.

*I must mention that I am not very good at applying make up and this is probably why I am not a big make up person…

My make up bag

1. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation. I have recently switched to this matte cream foundation from the oily liquid foundation I had previously. I find that this matter version stays on for longer as it sticks to my combination skin. I don’t change foundation colours for each season, I add the extra bronzer if it is too light.

2. MAC Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder. This compact bronzer has no shimmer but the right amount of bronze to add to a lighter shade of foundation. I also find that it seals my foundation in and makes it last longer.

3. MAC Springsheen Blush. I used to wear a bronzing blush on my cheeks until my wedding make up artist used a pink and peach tone and I loved it. It definitely suits the blonde hair/blue eye look better. 

4. MAC Golden Bronze. This tub of shimmer adds that extra bit go glam on a night out.

5. Woolworths Gel Eyeliner. I have had permanent eyeliner applied to both my upper and lower lids so I don’t need a huge amount of eyeliner. I am also terrible at applying liquid eyeliner but this gel pen liner is my favourite. It applies so easily. Again, only worn at night.

6.  Loreal False Lash Wings Mascara. I have struggled to find a good mascara for years and i still don’t know if this is the one, but it is the best I’ve had for a while. My lashes are quite long and mascara usually tends to run on my eyes and leaves big black circles. This mascara is the right thickness and leaves my lashes darker and longer.

7. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. Best lipgloss ever. I love this nude shade of pink, it applies easily, it isn’t sticky, it lasts for a while but not ages and it smells heavenly. I introduced this to a few friends and they have never turned back! 

What is in your makeup bag?
Any tips?


  1. I LOVE this post… I love how all the products are used! It just shows you authentic you are! You don't need a stitch of make-up but I adore the products you use!! x

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