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13 April 2015|

13 April 2012
On this day, our worlds changed forever – we became parents for the very first time. We welcomed the most perfect little girl into the world.
13 April 2015
This little girl is now our big girl and turning THREE!
Where have the years gone? Three whole years of tears and giggles, milestones and testing times, sleepless nights and fun, playful days, learning and growing, developing and maturing…
Every day of these past three years have been magical and full of awesome moments and memories.
Dear SJ,

On your third birthday today, I want you to know how loved you are. I want you to know that your little personality is so unique and so special, and I want you to know that your gorgeous smile, big heart and friendly nature make everyone around you happier people.

Since the day you entered the world (a little early that expected), you have been strong and confident and pure joy to be with. You blessed Daddy and I with an easy transition into parenthood – you latched well, you slept well, you loved to be around people and you hardly ever cried. 

As the weeks went by, you brought even more love and joy with the cutest giggles and the happiest smiles. You loved everybody – family, friends and even strangers. You also loved your sleep which we have always been so grateful for. You reached milestones and embraced each new experience with us – from the day you sat on our bed without falling over, to the night you crawled across your carpet to get to your shoes, to the day you took your first steps through Umhlanga Village to greet a homeless lady.

Your confidence and outgoing, friendly nature is one many envy. We are so proud of the little girl you are, the way you approach any child or adult and the comfort you have in any situation. You made the process of starting play school easy for us – and you have always loved being in this new environment with special friends and have crawled into your teachers hearts.

Thank you our darling princess for all the love and adoration you have for us, the beautiful smile and infectious laugh that lights up our lives, your sass and attitude and positive view on life and people and for just being you…

Happy 3rd birthday precious girl – we know how much you love birthdays and special occasions and we cannot wait to watch you sing happy birthday and blow out your candles for the third time.

We love you to the moon and back
Mommy & Daddy


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