Meet the Momma: Cindy

16 April 2015|

Meet the Momma: Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, I Old House

Hello! I’m Cindy, although I don’t hear that name nearly as much as I hear “MOM!!!”. We have three busy little people that we call ours – Kyla (5), Riya-Ray (4) and Knox (2). When I’m not running around trying to find a lost shoe or stop another argument, I am also a wife. Seth and I met when I was just 16 and we’ve been together ever since – 12 years and going strong. We live in Cape Town and thoroughly enjoy all that it has to offer us.
Did you experience easy or difficult pregnancies and births?
Man, don’t get me started. Kyla’s pregnancy was pretty textbook – 13 weeks morning sickness and that was about as bad as it got – read Kyla’s birth story here. When I was pregnant with Riya (just 3 months after birthing Kyla – I know right, you’d think I’d know how it worked) I had the worst pregnancy. I was sick the whole 9 months, so much so that we induced two weeks early just to get it over with. And as if the pregnancy wasn’t bad enough, she ended up birthing herself and if it wasn’t for Seth, she may have well died – read Riya’s birth story here. Because I never learn, we went ahead and had another baby – Knox’s pregnancy was just as bad as Riya’s and we induced him on my birthday – a painful but rewarding way to spend a birthday – read Knox’s birth story here.

Are you a stay-at-home-mom or working mom? How does this work for you?
I’m a working Mom. I only work half day for a company that I own, so I am lucky enough to be able to get flexitime when I need it. I think it gives the best of both worlds, if there is such a thing. I enjoy being at the office and interacting with other people around things that don’t involve poop schedules and such, but then I love coming home and spending quality time with the kids too.
How did you decide on your child/rens names?
We happened to have a wonderful friend names Kyla-Rei and we just loved the name Kyla. So that one was easy! When I was pregnant with Riya, we didn’t find out her gender until she was born. So we had to prepare for a boy and girls name. We were so set on her being a boy that we didn’t really think her name through all the way. We’d been watching Smallville and one of the “aliens” was named Riya and we loved it! Although it wasn’t technically what we would have planned if we’d known that was a girl from the start, it really suits her so well. Knox we had heard a couple of times and it just stuck. We have a thing for short, unusual names I guess.

How has your life changed since having children – positive and negative?
Sheesh. It’s changed in every conceivable way. The most profoundly is that I don;t think of myself first anymore. It’s always about them first. Always. This in itself is both good and bad. But the positives far outweigh any of the negatives so defs worth it.
Where are your children at school, and how did you make this decision?
Yes, they are at school. Since I’m not a stay-at-home-mom, we felt that school would be more beneficial for the kids to ensure that they learn and grow in ways that I couldn’t teach them while at work. But let’s face it, I wouldn’t have been a very good teacher even if I was at home – I think school is a necessary thing for them. How to deal with life without your parents interrupting, learning to deal with other people – big and small and just generally being prepare for “big school”.
Are your kids more like you or your husband, and in what ways?
They are all such a good blend of both of us. But there’s no denying that Knox is a carbon copy of Seth.

Describe the “type” of Mom you think you are?
Oh man. Depends on the day. I’d hope that I would be seen to be the laid back Mom, who is in control without freaking out and has equal parts in the gift of teaching, letting them learn on their own and knack of discipline. But the reality is that I’m actually none of those things, at least not simultaneously.
How do you stay organised or in a routine – or do you live in organised chaos?
We have organised chaos that sometimes looks like a routine, until it doesn’t. I think I may be the only one that knows what’s happening – most of the time.
What is your favourite activity as a family?
We love to go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. We just love to go out. but I’m becoming more partial to play games around the table or a snuggly family movie.

Describe your ‘Mommy-me-time’? 
What is that? Does driving to and from work count? No? Ok, then those rare occasions that friends have girly kid free parties or when I have a spa voucher that needs using – that reminds me I still need to use the one from last Mothers Day. Oops.
Describe your proudest moment as a Mom. 
I can’t narrow it down to any one moment – there have been so many. But when I watch them doing something that I know is hard for them, but they try and do it anyway. That makes me pretty flipping proud.
Any advice for other Moms or Moms-to-be.
It’s so easy to dish out advice for what works for me, but that might not work for you. So I think knowing that everyone has their own story and not comparing your story to theirs is a better way to stay sane. Haha.

What a special and beautiful family – thank you Cindy for sharing your wise words and advice.

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