Five on Friday

17 April 2015|

Yay for Friday! This is a happy and exciting Friday – after SJ’s birthday week and party this weekend!

So much fun!
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SJ’s Birthday Week

1. Birthday Girl. Have you ever seen a cuter three year old? I may be slightly biased but I don’t think I have! I cannot believe our first born baby and now big girl is THREE already. What an amazing three years it has been. SJ has been one of the easiest babies who loved to eat and sleep, reached all her milestones and hasn’t been sickly. She is an outgoing, friendly and confident little girl who loves everyone she meets. She is a real Daddy’s girl (who wouldn’t be?) and she loves and lives life to the max. We are so proud of our little girl.

2. Presents. This little lady has been spoilt rotten with a jungle gym, a new bike and so many gorgeous clothes, books, puzzles and toys from special friends and family. Opening presents at this age is sheer delight – she rips them open and oohs and aahs over her new belongings. 

3. Cake and candles. According to SJ, birthday do not exist without cake and candles – we have to sing and blow out candles and then eat cake. And I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Carrie from for the delicious pink naked cake.

4. Birthday dinner. Birthday traditions now include an evening dinner at our local Spur. This is SJ’s favourite restaurant with a great play area, delicious ribs and chips and a make your own ice cream dessert complete with sparkler and singing waiters. Every kids dream…

5. School birthday ring. SJ is so lucky to be at an awesome school and have a very special teacher this year. Mrs P made sure that SJ had a very special morning with birthday crown, more cake and candles and everyone singing happy birthday to our little princess.

Happy weekend – we are going to be enjoying SJ’s birthday party.


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