March Goals

03 March 2015|

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My main goal for March is to be intentional and just keep trying, in everything that I do…

March Goals

  • Be the best wife I can be to MC
  • Wear my mommy badge with pride
  • Focus on my daily me time
  • Establish a healthy eating plan
  • Ditch the sugar, fast foods and soda drinks
  • Establish a consistent exercise routine that works for me
  • Finally purchase my new eye glasses
  • Enjoy a day or two on my own
  • See our little EN get better and stronger
  • Celebrate our special Gogo’s birthday
  • Celebrate a special Bachelorettes
  • Attend precious 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday parties
  • Enjoy another awesome Moms dinner
  • Enjoy a movie date with SJ
  • See Madame Zingara
  • Clean out all clothing cupboards
  • Host our first Class Moms Dinner
  • Enjoy two date nights with MC
  • Attend SJ’s school Boogy Bug Picnic
  • Celebrate a very special wedding
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway with my hubs
  • Be present with those that are important in life

What are your goals in March?


  1. I love seeing so many things to do for you friend. You deserve to get a routine of your own and enjoy some time with yourself. I know this will be an amazing month for you!

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