Five on Friday

06 March 2015|

Yay for Friday and the weekend!
Link ups today: Five on Friday with Christina and friends, and Oh Hey Friday! with Karli and Amy.

Favourite TV Shows


1. Elementary. This modern Sherlock Holmes is mine and MC’s favourite show. We save a few episodes and then enjoy them int he evenings or weekend quiet times together. We don’t usually like the same series so this is our treat. I love any suspense or detective drama and the mind of Sherlock is truly incredible. 


2. Stalker. This is a new one on my list and I am hooked. Again, it is a suspense and detective drama but the minds of stalkers is quite scary. The internal stalking story keeps me coming back for more too!


3. Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I know I am almost 30 and this is a high school teen thriller but I cannot stop watching until someone tells me who A is! Seriously! So many seasons and still no concrete answer! I don’t watch this when I’m home alone though…


4. Gossip Girl. It’s all over but I still remember almost every episode. I absolutely loved following the lives of the spoilt kids of the Upper East Side. So much drama… I miss them.


5. One Tree Hill. Also all done but never forgotten. To be honest, I don’t think I ever finished the final season… These were down to earth kids trying to make a life for themselves, it was interesting watching them grow. I may go back and finish this now…

What are your favourites? 
I think I need a new one or two.


  1. OMG we definitely have the same tastes! I am OBSESSED with PLL… I don't care that it's teens, I love it!
    I have never been able to watch Stalker… too scary but I'm so intrigued! I started watching the first episode and couldn't get through the first 2 minutes of the girl in the car! YIKES!!

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